Testimonials — See what clients are experiencing with Nature's Path Wellness. 

I felt lighter like a weight was lifted. My headache had gone. The next day following treatment I did not have headache which was great because I had headaches every day for past two weeks. Feel more energetic!.
— E. Perriment
The bio-energy treatment has given me more energy and confidence to tackle each day… very refreshing. Thank you Shirley!
— W. Diakow
When I came to see Shirley I suffered with lower back pain, overweight, poor sleep, high stress and high blood pressure. All that left me lethargic. Each treatment makes me feel more energetic. I am more physically active than before. I can better cope with my daily stress and my blood pressure has stabilized. I’ve been able to reduce my meds. I’ve experienced some weight loss and my digestion is better
— R. Sutherland
I suffered with headache/migraine almost daily. I was in pain with sore neck, shoulder and left wrist. I was not sleeping well, tired and achy all over. One day, after a 10 min treatment my migraine lifted and had the best sleep ever that night! I experienced a full session shortly after and now a week after my treatment, and to date still no migraine! I am sleeping better and have a lot more energy. The aches and pains are gone. I am so glad I tried Bio-Energy!
— D. Iverson
Came to see Shirley for Bio-Energy with excessive exhaustion, no motivation, depression. After the treatment, I felt immediate surge of energy that allows me to work all day without the need of nap during the day. After a total of five treatments I can report that I have lots of energy, sleep very well and projects are getting completed with more enthusiasm
— R. Foster
My symptoms of fatigue, joint stiffness and tenderness, neck and shoulder tension left me feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable. With Bio-Energy all my symptoms were reduced, I’m sleeping better and feeling more positive and energetic!
— K. Diakow
As a cancer survivor the purpose of my visit for Bio-Energy treatment was to improve my energy level and digestion. I also suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). After a few treatments I can report that I have more energy, my digestive system has settled down and my mental capacity also seems sharper! Doing the daily exercises that Shirley shared with me also help with my breathing!
— E. Kemp
Shirley you are an excellent teacher. We feel your passion and commitment. Not only do you teach and share your words of great wisdom but also we feel it coming from your heart. With much gratitude, I thank you.
— C. Disbury
For approximately six months prior to starting treatment I had insomnia issues; sleeping for 2-3 hours before waking then having completely restless sleep for rest of night, waking every 30-45 minutes. After two sessions I am able to sleep for at least 5-6 hours without waking and am able to fall back asleep quickly and for remainder of the night for a sound sleep of 7-8 hours daily
— D. Emes
I feel much gratitude to being treated by you Shirley. You are truly gifted! Each treatment leaves me feeling ‘renewed
— T. Foster
I came to Shirley with a pinched nerve in my back c/w excessive pain in my back, arm and numbness in my fingers. After five treatments and stretching, my back pain and numbness was gone. I also found myself less stressed and anxious and my depression lifted, combined with better energy and hope for my future. I will always be grateful!
— M. Disher